Eco Brush Set


Cleaning, But Keep It Natural!

Our STUNNING Eco Brush Set is not only ethically sourced with sustainable bamboo handles, the bristles are made from natural plant fibres! No animal by-products here baby!

Not only are our brushes super versatile, They are home compostable too.

HOT TIP: Did you know that during its peak growth bamboo can grow up to 1 metre a day? This is what makes bamboo a powerhouse when it comes to saving our planet.


More Great Features You Will Love

  • Completely 100% Vegan
  • 5 piece set
  • Sustainable bamboo handle 
  • Long handle for easy comfortable grip
  • Natural plant fibre bristles
  • Home compostable
  • Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms 
Use & Care Instructions
  • After use place brush bristles down to allow for the brush to properly dry 


Pot Brush- 23cm

Small Brush- 8cm

Bottle Brush- 23cm

Oval Brush- 13.5cm 

Round Brush- 9cm