Our Story

Hey I'm India- So I'm guessing you want to know how Carys The World came to be! 
In 2019 I decided to embark on my low waste journey! 

Because let’s be real... the human race is kind of in the dog box right now with good ol Mother Earth.

I started by gathering the basics like produce bags and bamboo brush sets. It wasn’t long until I realised how ridiculously expensive it was to reduce my waste! 

And it got me thinking…

This stuff is expensive for your everyday person trying to make change… It’s even more out of budget for students and families! The market was flooded with options, but none that were cost effective. 

The Cost of living is increasing like there’s no tomorrow (and there literally won’t be a tomorrow if we don’t pick up our act). A sustainable lifestyle needs to be affordable and available to everyone so that we can see our future generations thrive. 

There is no justification for such high prices for sustainable living. This journey shouldn’t be about profits, it should be about the planet. The fastest way to make the biggest impact is to make it affordable for everyone. Right?

Our products are not only affordable, but they are of the highest quality. No compromises here! Each and every one of our products have been tried and tested over time by everyday users to the highest standards.

So what the hell does Carys The World mean?

Carys means love in Welsh. I thought that tied in beautifully with our vision to show the earth a little more love! 

BOOM!, Carys The World was born. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey x