When we started Carys The World back in 2019 we had a vision board of all the amazing sustainable eco products we dreamt of bringing to life. 

With that dream came the intention to create and produce solely within Australia.


For months and months we searched for the perfect partner here in Australia, but we soon realised that these factories just didn’t have the machinery necessary to produce the kind of products we wanted to make.

That’s where our search for the perfect manufacture overseas began!              

It is important to us that we source our products from the places that have the raw materials and the means to make it.


“Aren’t the conditions in factories overseas bad?”

We understood and shared the concerns about factories and their working conditions abroad, that’s why we made it paramount that we personally met with each supplier to see for ourselves the working conditions and environmental practices in place.

It was super important to us that the suppliers we choose to partner with provide ethical treatment to their employees and the environment.


“Why cant businesses just produce in Australia?”

Unfortunately although that is the dream, It just isn’t possible at this current time.

Australia just doesn’t have all the raw materials needed to produce a lot of products here.

Here in Australia we rely highly on trading with other countries to not only get much needed goods but also boost our economy.

International trade between different countries is an important factor in raising living standards, providing employment and enabling us as consumers to enjoy a greater variety of goods. 

Although we completely understand that it is not realistic to expect Australia to produce all types of goods and raw materials, we are still working towards offsetting our carbon footprint every day from how we source our products down to our packaging!


We are always open to new suggestions on ways we can improve and make a difference and would love to hear your ideas!

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Together we can be the change our planet needs!